A native of Dothan, Alabama, Christa is a proud graduate of Tuskegee Institute.  Upon graduating from Tuskegee Institute, Christa spent over 15 years in corporate America.  She soon recognized that giving back is rewarding and most impactful, which led her to community work within the inner city around Computer Literacy.   In this work, it became apparent quickly that many children were in need of computer literacy but also basic literacy including reading and writing.  She immediately began seeking out organizations that she could serve with in the community to offer direct solutions to literacy as a whole.

It was then in 2011 that Christa was introduced to the Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO), a National non-profit that was speaking to the issues that were impacting children of color around high-quality educational options.  BAEO provided information to the community about school choice and advocated for low income and working class black parents to have access to high quality educational options.  In 2012 Christa became the State Coordinator for BAEO in Alabama.

After working with BAEO in the State of Alabama and accomplishing some of the most noted historical events in education including the passing of the Alabama Accountability Act and the Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act, Christa later joined the American Federation for Children(AFC) as the Alabama Outreach Coordinator in 2016. Christa continued her work of informing parents and clergy across the state of the educational options available in Alabama.

In 2019, Christa joined Black Alabamians for Education as the State Coordinator. Christa travels across the State of Alabama informing parents, clergy and community leaders of the importance of school choice.  She believes that low income parents should be afforded the same opportunities to insure that their children receive the education they need to become productive members of society.