to equip, inform and empower Black families with information on accessing a high quality k-12 education


Core Values

  • It’s All About Our Children
  • Black Children Are Inherently Intelligent and Talented
  • Urgency
  • Social Justice
  • Unapologetic
  • Diversity Through a Narrow Strip of Unity
  • Respectful and Caring Relationships


that Black families are empowered with information to choose a high-quality k-12 education for their children that enables them to pursue the college or career path of their choice, become economically independent adults and engage in the practice of freedom


Organizational History

In 2011, the National Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) began its grassroots efforts in Alabama historically assisting in the accomplishment of (2) new School Choice Options.  This included the Alabama Accountability Act and the Alabama School Choice and Student Opportunity Act (Charter School Law).  After 4 years of State-wide, grassroots advocacy work the likes of parents, clergy, school board officials, community leaders, legislatures, educators, collegiate-level students and other key stakeholders, the financial support for Alabama BAEO operations by National funders was exhausted.

Although BAEO was no longer funded nationally to operate in Alabama, staff and supporters of this necessary organization are still needed.  As a result, we have birth Black Alabamians for Education!

About the Founder

Neonta Williams, Founder/Executive Director

Being Alabama-borne, breed, and educated (aside from the military), what I know for sure, is that education has and always will be, one of the greatest gains that I have personally experienced and it changed my life! The desire to gain knowledge is something that each of us is born with; who fosters that is a different scenario.  What drives me is my unwavering passion for others to win!  Winning has such a sweet aroma of victory and being triumphant!

The idea of knowing that “access to information” is the lifeline to placing others on the road to victory is what caused me to birth Black Alabamians for Education.  I have discovered in this advocacy walk, that as information is distributed for understanding, by the time it arrives in the Black community, it is HISTORY.  Too often, decisions have been made, laws have been passed and long since implemented before the Black community realizes that it exists yet we suffer from the lack of knowledge.

It is my desire that Black Alabamians for Education, serves as the vehicle that delivers timely, relative, relevant and life changing information to parents that will equip, inform and empower Black families with information on accessing a high quality education. Yes, this is certainly a great task, however, I am reminded when the people saw Goliath the giant, they thought “he is too big to mess with” but, when David saw Goliath, he thought, “he was too big to miss him!”  TOGETHER, we can change the trajectory of Black families in Alabama! If you will hold my hand, I will hold yours while we “Train like a Family, and Fight like a Team!”

My work thus far as an Education Reform Advocate has proven that I have a heart for the communities in which I have served and have yield superb outcomes.  My dedication and commitment to excellence in service has garnered Faith leaders, parents, elected officials and communities as a whole to embrace my personal drive and the efforts of change.  Academically, I hold a Bachelor of Social Work degree from Miles College and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).  Additionally, I am a US Army Veteran and an AmeriCorps Vista service member.

Board of Directors

Dr. Vernard Gant
Pastor David W. Craig
Ashlee Taylor
LaShetta Coleman
Dr. Roberta Watts
Dr. Roger Watts