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Parent Advocacy Leaders (PALs) Training Program

Purpose:  “To help parents become empowered by having a clear understanding of the current education reform environment.  The PAL leadership program will expand the parenting network among other parents in the community to provide mutual support in skills development and child-focused parental actions.  By doing this; we hope to increase parental involvement and influence in policy decisions to sustain and create quality options for parents.”

Process for PAL Training is an intensive series of 5 training process that includes participation designed to build skills, advocacy tools, organizing, mobility and learning how to facilitate a democratic environment.  The end of the trainings are complete with a graduation and community event that is led and organized by PALs.

Parent Empowerment Sessions

Purpose/Session Goals – is to provide the necessary tools to help parents become more involved in their children’s education by supporting their child’s teacher, school and by supporting policies that affect their success. Each session is facilitated within an hour and a half timeframe.

Session Topics include:
Building A Win-Win Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher
Discovering What Makes Your Child Tick (Understanding Your Child’s Behavioral Style)
Public vs. Private Schools – What’s the Difference
Charter School 101
Finding The Right School
Understanding Parent Choice

Parent Volunteers

We welcome parents and the community at-large who are connected to our Core Values to commit your time and talents to volunteer with us to engage and increase the number of families that we impact, inform and empower.  If you have a heart to serve and inform, please contact us.