Research shows that parent engagement in schools is closely linked to better student behavior, higher academic achievement, and enhanced social skills. At Black Alabamians for Education, we provide parent focused training.

Our parent engagement programs provide knowledge and skills in :

Positive Parental Involvement

Effective Communication

Leadership Development

Education and Information

Building A Win-Win Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher

Understanding a Child’s Behavioral Style

Understanding the challenges of the school system

Organizing for Action


Help students become high achievers from birth through high school

Recognize social and emotional factors that affect children’s learning

Influence children’s education success at home and at school

Use proven techniques to help boost their children’s learning

Become advocates for quality education for their children and others

Work with schools to handle difficult situations where children face bullying, violence, or other issues

Properly communicate with schools and other parents to resolve issues of concern

Parent Engagement in Schools is defined as parents and school staff working together to support and improve the learning, development, and health of children and adolescents.

Parent Engagement Training Has Benefits


  • Schools will have parents who are better informed about the challenges schools face
  • Schools will have parents who are more supportive of schools and school staff
  • Schools will have parents who are better prepared to serve as effective members of school committees, councils, etc.
  • Schools will have parents who understand the need to be involved in their child’s education
  • Schools will have parents who can bring skills and resources to schools


Communities will benefit from the improvements that parent training brings to schools because strong schools mean strong communities. It all starts with education.


  • Students will have parents who better understand their strengths and challenges at school
  • Students will know their parents are interested in and value their education
  • Students will have parents who are stronger advocates, decision-makers and teachers
  • Students will have greater likelihood of achieving at higher levels and continuing education after high school

Let's Close the Gap Together!