A+ was pleased to provide research support and consultation for Leadership Matters, the new report from the Business Education Alliance prepared by the Public Affairs Research Council of Alabama. As the report says in the Executive Summary:

“Alabama public schools are producing more high school graduates, but more of them need to be graduating prepared for and connected to education and training beyond high school.
Alabama’s economy has the potential for impressive growth, but to capitalize on that potential, business and industry will need a new generation of better-educated Alabamians.
To capitalize on this moment of opportunity for students and for Alabama’s economy, creative and energetic leadership is needed at the state and local levels.
With a new state superintendent of education in place and November elections set to determine leadership in the Governor’s office, the State Legislature, and the State School Board, a new class of leaders will be called on to craft a plan for closing gaps in preparation, and paving pathways to career opportunities.

In this report, we examine the crucial role leadership plays in shaping educational outcomes, and we showcase six examples where leadership is making a difference and data indicate students are achieving higher levels of success.”

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