Favorite Quote: Fear is the mind killer. Let it pass through you.
Lakeshia Wheeler is a freelance graphic design and owner of Keekee360 Design a graphic design firm located in Huntsville, Al that serves clients all over the world. Lakeshia helps entrepreneurs bring their dreams to reality. Lakeshia is a fifteen year veteran of using print and web technologies to build relationships for business, organizations and individuals. She speaks, blogs, writes articles and make media of all kinds at keekee360design.com. Ms. Wheeler is creative. She is art. Lakeshia aka Keekee formally studied art in Huntsville,
Alabama were she received a B.S. degree in Commercial and Advertising Art and a Masters in Business Administration from Alabama A&M University. Though she has drawn by hand since she was a child; she loves all mediums of art, computer generated, pen and pencil, paint and photography. At a young age of 10 or so, she was fascinated with actors. Keekee drew portraits of Arsenio Hall, Eddie Murphy, Billie Dee Williams and others. That was in the time when the Arsenio Hall Show and Coming to America were popular. And even today, 20 years later she finds herself doing the same thing, portraits of Justin Timberlake and others, just in a different medium.

Currently, Keekee is expanding her portfolio to include UX/UI design. So, keep an eye out!  It’s the next big thing.  She has so many ideas and no time to do them all. “I am still fascinated with people. People in motion, in emotion, it is amazing to capture a moment in time which is why I love photography, but I think this will carry over well into UI design”, she states. In the future, she want to be known for doing something BIG that no one else could. She will always love art and wants her art to be a favorite song to someone, like that favorite song that plays 24 hours a day.

Lakeshia is active in the community being a member of several local and state organizations including, the Huntsville Metro Black Chamber of Commerce, the State Black Chamber of Commerce, United Women of Color, and Alabama Women Leaders, In the education arena, Lakeshia has volunteered with with several organizations  over the years, proudly  as a past volunteer for The Learning Center in the Butler Terrace community. She is currently a Commissioner for the State of Alabama Charter School Commission and serving her final 4 year as a parent volunteer for Huntsville City Schools  Desegregation Advisory Committee.