As a transformational Educational Leader, LaShundra is a highly-motivated and purposely driven Practitioner with a passionate commitment to student development and the learning experience; skilled in the design of challenging, enriching and innovative activities that address the diverse interests and needs of students; possess outstanding communication skills; presenting information in various facets, collaborating with team members and establishing productive & efficient relationships with students, parents, and all other stakeholders.

LaShundra, also known as the Destiny Coach, is the proud Founder & Senior Strategist of the Destiny House, a non-profit organization that connects the school, business and community sectors to provide practical approaches towards the advancement of the lives of women & children in the areas of: educational objectives, school/program improvement solutions, best business practices and ministry & outreach strategies. Before the Destiny House, LaShundra could be found in schools & classrooms, legislative hallways & urban communities as her combined passions for Education, Advocacy & Ministry claimed her time, efforts & energy in more direct roles & spaces. LaShundra has humbly and happily served in a variety of capacities that have afforded her a lens into the constant evolving educational landscape at the local, state & national levels and have spent years directly serving the Memphis & the Mid-South region as an educator, community change agent, spiritual leader and voice.

This work has continuously propelled LaShundra even as she’s transitioned to the West Coast and now calls San Diego, CA home. Her time in California has extended her impact, reach and influence in the areas of: Professional Development & Adult Learning, Marketing & Media, Strategic Planning, Parent & Community Engagement; Social-Emotional Learning; Gender-Specific Studies, School Design & Curriculum Development; and Race, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity studies. LaShundra serves as the Director of Innovation & Design-Thinking of two K-12 private institutions Balboa School (Escondido, CA) and American Collegiate Academy (Clearwater, FL); along with being an adjunct professor at San Diego Christian College.

LaShundra travels all across the country with her message of Birthing Destiny to schools, churches, organizations and community groups. As licensed and ordained Elder of the Lord’s Church, LaShundra is able to combine her calling of Ministry and Education into life-altering experiences for all she encounters. Her contributions and accomplishments are delicately balanced between these two varying worlds that God has called her to. LaShundra’s ultimate goal is to touch and inspire the lives of many through not only by educating others academically, emotionally, and mentally, but spiritually as well. LaShundra is the author of two literary projects; “Facebook Statuses Turned Sermons” & “Repeat After Me: 31 Days of Affirmations,” which can be found on Amazon.