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Alabama Reading Scores: An Overview of Recent Trends and Initiatives


Alabama has been focusing on improving reading proficiency among its students, particularly in the early grades. Recent data from the Alabama Comprehensive Assessment Program (ACAP) reveals that 24% of Alabama’s third graders were reading below grade level in 2023, an increase from 22% in 2022. This rise in below-grade-level readers highlights ongoing challenges, despite the state’s efforts to boost literacy rates. The Literacy Act and Its Impact The Alabama Literacy Act, passed in 2019, aims to ensure that all students are reading at grade level by the end of third grade. The act has led to significant investments in reading instruction [...]

Alabama Reading Scores: An Overview of Recent Trends and Initiatives2024-06-20T13:46:21-05:00

Creating Hope and Opportunity for Our Students’ Education Act of 2024 The CHOOSE Act


Creating Hope and Opportunity for Our Students’ Education Act of 2024 The CHOOSE Act The CHOOSE Act, signed into law by Gov. Kay Ivey on March 7, 2024, makes refundable income tax credits called education savings accounts (ESAs), available to support the success of every K-12 student in Alabama. The law requires the Alabama Department of Revenue to establish a framework and funding for ESAs, which may be used by eligible families to cover tuition, fees, and other qualified education expenses at approved education service providers (ESPs) in Alabama. ESAs in the amounts below will be available beginning with the 2025-2026 [...]

Creating Hope and Opportunity for Our Students’ Education Act of 2024 The CHOOSE Act2024-05-21T14:27:12-05:00

Parent Symposium 2024


Join us for our Parent Symposium 2024, where we are #PRESSING forward in education and empowerment! Building on the success of last year's event, this year's symposium promises to be even more enlightening and engaging. Date: August 10, 2024 Time: 9:00 AM -  1:00 PM Location:  The Venue at Coosa Landing  201 George Wallace Drive, Gadsden, AL 35903 Theme: #Pressing This year's theme reflects our commitment to advancing education and advocacy for our children. We will explore pressing issues in education and empower parents to be effective advocates for their children's education. What to Expect: Inspiring Keynote Speakers: Hear from renowned [...]

Parent Symposium 20242024-04-12T09:52:34-05:00

Elevating Education: A Guide to Advocacy in Alabama


Alabama's educational landscape is rich with potential, yet it also faces significant challenges. As advocates for education, we have the power to drive positive change and ensure every student receives a quality education. In this blog post, we'll explore how to effectively advocate for education in Alabama and the benefits of doing so. Understanding the Importance of Advocacy: Advocacy plays a crucial role in shaping education policy and ensuring that schools receive the resources they need. By advocating for education, we can help improve student outcomes, promote equity in education, and support educators in their vital work. How to Advocate for [...]

Elevating Education: A Guide to Advocacy in Alabama2024-03-18T15:10:01-05:00

Empowering Black Alabamians: The Power of Parent Engagement in Alabama Schools


In the vibrant tapestry of Alabama's education landscape, the role of parent engagement is paramount. For Black Alabamians, active involvement in their children's education is not just a choice; it's a powerful tool for shaping a brighter future. In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of parent engagement, discuss how to do it right, and understand the essence of parent engagement itself. Understanding Parent Engagement: Parent engagement is more than just attending parent-teacher conferences or school events. It is a holistic approach that involves parents actively participating in their child's learning journey. This includes supporting academic endeavors, fostering a positive learning [...]

Empowering Black Alabamians: The Power of Parent Engagement in Alabama Schools2024-01-16T12:22:02-06:00

Scholarship Opportunities for Black Students in Alabama


Access to quality education is a cornerstone of empowerment and progress. In Alabama, numerous scholarship opportunities exist to support the educational aspirations of Black students. This blog aims to shine a spotlight on these initiatives, providing a valuable resource for those seeking financial assistance to pursue their academic dreams. 1. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Alabama boasts several renowned HBCUs, each offering scholarship programs that empower Black students. From tuition assistance to merit-based scholarships, these institutions are committed to fostering educational excellence and advancing the African American community. 2. Statewide Programs: Explore Alabama's statewide scholarship programs designed to uplift Black [...]

Scholarship Opportunities for Black Students in Alabama2023-12-01T10:47:11-06:00

The Role of Community in Black Education: Spotlight on BlackAL4Edu


Education is a fundamental cornerstone of individual growth and societal progress, and it's widely recognized that a supportive community plays a vital role in a student's educational journey. Within the Black community, educational equity and representation have been ongoing challenges for generations. However, a rising movement, BlackAL4Edu, is determined to reshape the narrative surrounding Black education by placing the spotlight on community empowerment and advocacy. The Challenges Faced by Black Parents and Students Before we delve into BlackAL4Edu's incredible work, it's essential to acknowledge the unique challenges that Black students have faced throughout history. Systemic racism, socioeconomic disparities, inadequate educational resources, [...]

The Role of Community in Black Education: Spotlight on BlackAL4Edu2023-10-17T12:26:27-05:00

Empowering Success: Parental Engagement in Education – Tips for Black Families in Alabama


Parental involvement is a cornerstone of a child's educational journey. For Black families in Alabama, engaging in your child's education is not only a means to academic success but also a path toward empowerment and equity. Black Alabamians for Education is committed to supporting and promoting educational excellence within our community. In this blog post, we'll provide valuable insights and tips to help Black families in Alabama actively participate in their children's education, fostering achievement and personal growth. 1. Cultivate Strong Communication: Effective communication with teachers, administrators, and your child is crucial. Attend parent-teacher conferences and school meetings to stay informed [...]

Empowering Success: Parental Engagement in Education – Tips for Black Families in Alabama2023-09-20T16:45:22-05:00

What Does School Choice Mean?


What Does School Choice Mean? The term “school choice” means giving parents the power and opportunity to choose the schools their children attend. Traditionally, children are assigned to a public school according to where they live. People of greater economic means already have school choice, because they can afford to move to an area with high quality public schools, or to enroll their children in private schools. Parents without such means, until recently, generally had no school choices, and had to send their children to the schools assigned to them by the district, regardless of the schools’ quality or appropriateness for [...]

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