Lakeshia Wheeler


Favorite Quote: Fear is the mind killer. Let it pass through you. Lakeshia Wheeler is a freelance graphic design and owner of Keekee360 Design a graphic design firm located in Huntsville, Al that serves clients all over the world. Lakeshia helps entrepreneurs bring their dreams to reality. Lakeshia is a fifteen year veteran of using print and web technologies to build relationships for business, organizations and individuals. She speaks, blogs, writes articles and make media of all kinds at keekee360design.com. Ms. Wheeler is creative. She is art. Lakeshia aka Keekee formally studied art in Huntsville, Alabama were she received a B.S. degree [...]

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Christa Andrews


A native of Dothan, Alabama, Christa is a proud graduate of Tuskegee Institute.  Upon graduating from Tuskegee Institute, Christa spent over 15 years in corporate America.  She soon recognized that giving back is rewarding and most impactful, which led her to community work within the inner city around Computer Literacy.   In this work, it became apparent quickly that many children were in need of computer literacy but also basic literacy including reading and writing.  She immediately began seeking out organizations that she could serve with in the community to offer direct solutions to literacy as a whole. It was then in [...]

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LaShundra D. Richmond


As a transformational Educational Leader, LaShundra is a highly-motivated and purposely driven Practitioner with a passionate commitment to student development and the learning experience; skilled in the design of challenging, enriching and innovative activities that address the diverse interests and needs of students; possess outstanding communication skills; presenting information in various facets, collaborating with team members and establishing productive & efficient relationships with students, parents, and all other stakeholders. LaShundra, also known as the Destiny Coach, is the proud Founder & Senior Strategist of the Destiny House, a non-profit organization that connects the school, business and community sectors to provide practical [...]

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Ashlee Taylor


Ashlee Taylor is a licensed attorney and entrepreneur who holds a Bachelor's in Business Management and a Masters in Public Administration from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as well as a Juris Doctorate from the Birmingham School of Law. Ashlee Taylor is a fervent advocate for high quality education options, and the economic advancement of the Black Community. Known amongst her colleagues as a visionary, she takes great pride in doing meaningful work to make an impact for the betterment of our youth and the community as a whole. 

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